For many years we export brake blocks, sewage-casts and casts for agrarian machines to Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Danmark, Sweden, Finland, Spain and Great Britain.

For many years we specialize in the production of brake blocks. Regarding the size we are second producer of brake blocks in Poland. Currently for national customers we produce 4 types of brake blocks without periphery: D2 and D0, with anti-spark hole dilatations, kind B, size 250, 320, 380. We have also possibilities of initiating other types according to requirements of the customers. We produce 16 types of brake blocks for foreign customers.

Our main customers for brake blocks in Poland are: PKP CARGO S.A., PRZEWOZY REGIONALNE Sp.z o.o., PKP INTERCITY Sp. z o.o. and licensed rail carrier. We have appreciation of the Chief of Railway System Inspector for brake blocks "The certificate of admitance to the exploittation of typical element for rail vehicle".

Our main customers abroad are DEUTSCHE BAHN AG, private carries from Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Republic and Ireland.

"SPOMEL", a cast iron and non-ferrous metals foundry monitors customers' satisfaction with delivered products. We possess credentials, opininons and questionnaires from the majority of customers. Users Indicate our:
- precision, conscietouness and workmanship,
- lack of any assembly problems.