On July 1 of 1950 there emerged the Working Class Cooperative in Lębork founded on the basis of "Żeliwiak". In 1979 the cooperative was named 'SPOMEL' a cast iron and non-ferrous metals foundry. In 1977 the company moved to a new, well equipped building in 15 Abrahama Street.

      Since 2000 Year in our firm works the system of quality assurance which is accordant with ISO 9001:2015. Foundry have also certificates and diplomas of qualifications for broke blocks given by Deutsche Bahn and Główny Inspektor Kolejnictwa, and CARGO S.A. and INTERCITY S.A..
      High product quality is guaranteed by a qualified staff and continuously modernized cast iron equipment in the foundry.

At present the foundry specializes in the production of:

- Brake blocks from phosphorous cast iron for rolling stock,
- Castings for sewage systems
- Agrarian machines castings
- Weights for washing machines and elevators
- Machinery and furnace castings.

aluminum alloy castings.

Melting shop is equipped with cupola furnaces with dia 800 with a hot blast and oxygenation. The furnace control and monitoring is performed by a modern apparatus.
Cores are made on core shooter with 'Hot-Box' method and manually.
Fettling is done through barrel rolling, shot peening and grinding.
Painting - grounding of castings is done through dipping in priming and bituminous paints.

In an aluminum foundry a batch immersion is done in tube furnaces of Sklenar type. The company performs a metal vacuous refining . A liquid metal is kept in crucible furnaces PET.

We are Member of the Foundry Commerce Chamber